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Who we are

Being a part of Truck ADA, we completely understand the importance of your shipment to be delivered on time and in the ideal order. Truck ADA is the pioneer platform in Pakistan and also it is the sole online marketplace for goods where fleet operators and shippers can connect effortlessly. We are sorting out the major issues in the areas like optimization of route, price exploration, guarantee of timely delivery and in-transit tracking. Along with our supreme technology connection platform, we promise to make sure that the correct delivery service gets in line with the perfect operator of fleet and all this should be done at the exact price.

Full Truckload (FTL)

goods transport company

When you're dispatching a full truckload, sending high-chance bundles, or on the off chance that you favor a devoted truck for your incomplete load, we make it simple to send your shipment at an amazing rate. Regardless of whether your payload needs to go the nation over or around the piece, we have you secured!

Temperature Control/ Refrigerated / Reefer

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For any load that has a special temperature requirement, we offer Temperature Controlled services. This can help protect produce, ice, beverages and other perishable goods so they arrive at their destination in the best conditions.

Regardless of the size or weight of your shipment, we have the particular hardware and assets you have to send anyplace crosswise over Pakistan. Browse: 40'- 20': standard, high offspring, level rack and so on.

If the requirement of the shipment is less in comparison to the load of the truck, then we can assist you with that also. Feel free to send us all the requirements along with your quote requirements to or from anyplace in Pakistan and we make sure to transfer it wherever it needs to be departure. Even when you are in difficult time we can easily upgrade your request by speeding up the services and ensure you that it will be delivered on time even if It needs to be sent on the similar day or in the upcoming days. We also cater shipments on weekend.

We have a professional team which is available 24/7 to help you with your delivery. Our platform is extremely wide as it also gives bidding system so that they can give you quotes in minimum possible time. We also provide different carrier options around the world carriers and even we have local trucking organizations. We ensure to provide competitive rates, and give you personalized reports and everyday follow-ups so that you are aware with the current status of your shipment. As we have a huge list of carriers therefore we know that we can give you the same service you are looking for. Truck ADA posses an entire system of Transportation management so it is possible for you to handle your own shipment and you have the comfort by knowing that we are always present to assist you in any case. We have an outstanding team of customer service that can assist you anytime and they also guarantee that the shipping process becomes easier and simpler.

For Shippers

  • Instant availability of trucks
  • Advanced shipment tracking
  • Hassle-free end-to-end freight management

For Fleet Operators

  • Daily loads across Pakistan at right prices
  • Fast payment settlements
  • Attractive range of services and benefits